Of the Woodland Region in the Kingdom of Northshield

Art of Illumination

Mostly non-secular works were illuminated manuscripts, many of which were paid for by wealthy patrons to the church.  The pictures in books were ornamented to help locate specific passages, especially in the case for the Bible, which hosted images specific to each section. Monks are the most talented of the scribes and artists, making most of the illuminated manuscripts prior to the fourteenth century. These monks would get a separate room in the monastery to write or paint all to themselves. By having a room to oneself in such a time dictates how much this art was revered.

By the fourteenth century, secular works were being produced with illuminated manuscripts as well. By this time work was becoming a demand due to the increased number of people who could read, had wealth, and so forth. Monks could not keep up with the flow, and so began outsourcing their profession to artistic souls outside the walls of the monastery. Peculiarly the Renaissance bloomed between the 14th and 15th century…

In the case with the SCA, we create illuminated manuscripts as tokens for doing great deeds in the Kingdom of Northshield. Awards are often received with a gift of an illumination done by one of the talented members of a kingdom’s branch. For our own shire, we have three members particularly talented at the art of illuminated manuscripts.


Here is some of our work: