Of the Woodland Region in the Kingdom of Northshield

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The MOAS supports the Arts and Sciences in all of its forms; projects (group or personal), classes (setting up or helping with), and publication (in local, Kingdom, or Society newsletters). Help and encourage people in your group and in other groups. This includes helping new people find others that can help them, encouraging people with ideas to try them out, and encouraging people to write about their discoveries and put them in local, Kingdom, or Society venues such as web pages, newsletters, and the many forms of A&S displays, Faires  and competitions. Finally to work with the other officers in your group.

The office of Minister of Arts and Sciences is open for any paid member of the Shire to apply for. If you would like this position please come to our next meeting to apply for it.


Most pertinent information for the MoA&S:

The Minister Of Arts And Sciences Handbook