Of the Woodland Region in the Kingdom of Northshield


trumpets2Greetings my name is Hallsteinn Geirrmann (pending) in the Society for Creative Anachronism but mundanely I am known as Daniel Fry. I currently hold the office of Herald for the Shire of Skerjastrond. I have been in the SCA off and on for the last 20 years. Besides Heraldry I also enjoy armored combat, so if you cannot find me doing the herald thing check the list field. I have lived in 4 kingdoms including Northshield so I have seen just about everything the SCA has to offer, feel free to ask.

The duties of a herald include the study of armorial devices and names, and the rules of the Society concerning the registration and use of devices and names. I also help teach the group the basics of heraldry and period naming practices. Help people design their devices and choose their names. Make sure they fill out the submission forms correctly, or help tDaniel Fryhem do so, and help them find proper documentation. Teach people about proper courtesy and precedence, and how to recognize the various symbols of rank, so that they will know when and how to show proper respect to Royalty, Peers, and Nobility. Teach people about the awards structure of the Society and Northshield, so they will know which awards are an appropriate reward for a person’s accomplishments and thus be able to recommend that person for an award. The herald is also the person who plans the agenda for Court and acts as a “master of ceremonies” during Court the herald calls people forward, reading scrolls and proclamations, etc.