Of the Woodland Region in the Kingdom of Northshield

Member Directory

The easiest way to see our official members is to go to our representation on Northshield’s website, but because we’re nice, we’ll also post it here for your convenience.

This list was populated at 8:32 AM November 20, 2011. Not all members are represented on Northshield’s populace listing. All members marked inactive are not attending Skerjastrond meetings. They have either moved, or are otherwise unavailable.

Áine inghean Ehimhin

Ann of Skerrstrand (inactive)

Eawynn of Dunholme (inactive)

Einon Calquohoun (inactive)

Eysteinn meinfretr

Federigo Sadoletto (inactive)

Grigorii von Keiserberg (inactive)

Isabella (inactive)

Johanna Swynford (inactive)

Karen Mallinger (inactive)

Laurenza of Skerjastrond (inactive)

Liam O’Day (inactive)

Lu’lu’ah bint Yahya al-Wuhsha (inactive)

Marthe Andersdottir (inactive)

Michael Calhoun (inactive)

Mira Stonegatherer

Morgana O’Day (inactive)

Ottar Hraffnsson (inactive)

Ronald Parrish (inactive)

Runolfr Crannog MacLean (inactive)

Sarah McCammon

Sofia of Aspenbrook (inactive)

Taghred Bint Nabil Al-Liftaweeya (inactive)

Una (inactive)

Veronica Pennutto di Cosenza (inactive)